Handrail Anti-Slip Grip Tape - 18.3mx 50mm Roll

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 Handrail Anti-Slip Grip Tape - 18.3mx 50mm Roll


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Handrail tape is an innovative solution with a completely new design, something never before seen in non-slip materials: a symmetrically embossed non-slip surface.


This adhesive grip tape for railing fulfills the two premises that make handrails "anti-slip and not cold to the touch".


It is specially designed for use in public spaces, such as shopping centers, airport terminals, etc. This railing grip tape is not harsh on bare hands and offers an attractive look that is achieved by the symmetrical pattern of the railing tape.


It is made from superior PVC to ensure the insulating effect of preventing cold to the touch is achieved. PVC is a fantastic insulator to prevent the cold from penetrating the user's hand. No other product available on the market has all the advantages that this tape offers for use as a gripping surface for handrails.


As this tape is non-abrasive, it can be easily cleaned with all available cleaning methods.


In addition, the handrail grip tape has a very easy way to apply: it wraps around the railing of any format at an angle.


It can also be cut to the required width, allowing a custom wrap for the full circumference of your handrail.


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