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3M™ Nomad Aqua 4500 Decontaminant Anti-Moisture Mat - 60cm x 90cm Carpet

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3M™ Nomad Aqua 4500 Decontaminant Anti-Moisture Mat - 60cm x 90cm Carpet

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 Inside the building it is important to collect and hide the finest dirt, absorb and retain moisture, and adapt to the decoration.


The solution is in the Nomad Aqua line, which combines fiber types to absorb and retain both moisture and dirt.


Available in 6 colors and different patterns, upon request.


The product is a mat made of PVC loops with an open weave on a foam backing that makes it comfortable.


The mat is also non-slip and retains and hides dirt to prevent its

step inside the building.


Nomad mats are a reusable foot cleaning mat that removes dirt from shoes and eliminates fingerprint problems.


In addition, it brings a new utility for COVID: You can use 2 Nomad Aqua mats for cleaning and disinfection. In the first spray with a disinfectant product (bleach-free). Users will first step on Carpet 1 (wet) to clean themselves and then on Carpet 2 to dry their shoes. In this way, it will improve safety and hygiene in all accesses to its facilities


Product positioning: It is an anti-dirt mat to be installed at the entrance of buildings indoors, where there are dirt problems.


It can also be used as an anti-fatigue mat.


Its foam backing prevents dirt and moisture from damaging the floor.


Their recommended facilities are entrances, lobbies, hallways, and computer rooms. Ideal for small retail stores, offices and restaurants.


Thanks to their patented dual fiber technology, Nomad Aqua products offer:

·       Excellent collection and concealment of fine dirt

·       Water absorption and retention

·       Better preservation of its original appearance

·       Great duration

·       Easy cleaning (simple vacuuming)

·       Easy installation



·       Typical traffic: 500 to 1500 people / day

·       Not recommended for kitchens, greasy areas, and permanently damp areas

·       Service temperature range: -23 ° C to + 50 ° C



·       Good aesthetic appearance.

·       Great capacity to retain and hide dirt.

·       Comfortable.

·       Easy to clean.

·       Long-lasting.


There are 3 product lines to meet different needs. Different combinations between the three will allow you to satisfy any need. Consult us for other models:


·       Nomad ™ Terra floor mats. The Nomad Terra line presents anti-dirt products for exterior, box or interior. Thanks to their strong open structure, these products retain much of the dirt that enters the building.

·       Nomad ™ Optima floor mats. Aluminum-framed floor mats provide excellent protection against dirt and moisture. Recessed installation.

·       Nomad ™ Aqua mats. Thanks to their dual fiber technology, Nomad Aqua products collect moisture and fine dirt. Indoor installation.

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